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Comprehensive Iridology

Iridology is both a science and art of reading the Iris (colored part of eye- brown, blue, mixed) of the eye. It is a non-invasive technique to understand the physical and emotional wellness of the individual. The irises are full of nerve fibers- the structure of these fibers helps us to determine constitutional strength and changes in these fibers point toward the weaknesses and emotional pattern in the body. The color, hue, shapes, and patterns in the irises determine the health of tissues and organs in the body. It reveals the overactive (inflamed) and underactive (weak) organ and organ system. It also indicates any hereditary and acquired weaknesses that further help to initiate preventative methods related to health problems that may develop in the future.

Dr. Bernard Jenson (Father of Iridology) refers to the eye as "light" signifies that reading irises means bringing light into the dark places of the body. Iridology is an effective analytical method that can be used as a preventative tool in many health conditions and can help monitor the healing through eyes.

What can be assessed through iridology?
  • Whether we have conditions which might promote chronic sinus and lung mucus, blood, and cholesterol issues, lowered immune function
  • Inherited certain genetic traits from our ancestors that we can strengthen by modifying lifestyle
  • Observe constitutional strength and weaknesses
  • Patterns of personality to help understand better as a whole human being (holistic approach)

IIPA Certified Iridologist, provide you up to date information of your iris analysis based on clinical research from around the globe.
“Eyes are windows to your soul.” By- William Shakespeare
We need a healthy body for a peaceful soul and with the advancement in Iridology, it has been realized that eyes are also windows to the body.

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Comprehensive Iridology

Iridology is both a science and art of reading the Iris (colored part of eye- brown, blue, mixed) of the eye.

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